607 Healing Hearts: Overdose Grief Support Group Formed

We wanted to share that an overdose grief support group has formed in the Cortland community.
607 Healing Hearts is a peer run group with professional support for parents and guardians who have lost a child to a drug overdose. This group is anonymous.
The group meets on the third Monday of the month from 6pm to 8pm at 28 North Main Street in Cortland. The next meeting is on Monday, July 17.
For more information contact 607healinghearts@gmail.com or visit their 607 Healing Hearts Facebook page.

You can learn what led to the creation of this group in this blog post by Dean O’Gorman on the CACTC website. 


  1. Nancy Elliott

    I’m annamarie mother I lost my daughter on june18 17 she had just turned 23 one June 7 overdose