Program Helps Strengthen Families

In these photos, parents/caregivers are practicing refusal skills with their youth!

Well the spring session of Strengthening Families has come to a close. The families who participated were excited about all they had learned and how the strategies and activities are helping them build better relationships with their children. The comments from parents/caregivers and youth are indicators of the value of the program.

Each week, families enjoyed a healthy family meal together as part of the Strengthening Families program. We are grateful to the SUNY Cortland Learning By Giving program for the grant that covered the cost of the food and helped bring families together for a healthy family meal.

From the parents:

  • I really enjoyed coming with my family and I think that we have learned many valuable lessons in how to interact with each other better. Thank you!
  • This was fun while learning how to communicate better!
  • Loved this program and every one of you guys, appreciate all the work you have put in.
  • I wish I had done this when he was younger.
  • The boys really enjoyed coming and we did too. It helped us to remember what’s important…having a relationship not proving we are right.
  • This program gave me some great tools to help with my child and his behavior.  Already seeing improvement!
  • Thank you guys for making my family stronger teaching us how to deal with situations we didn’t know what to do in the past.
  • It is nice to know that there are other families who deal with the same thing.  We would love to join another class.

Youth responses:

  • I really liked being here…want to do it again.
  • Helped us talk more.
  • I can start respecting my mom more.
  • Liked having dinner together.
  • Helped strengthen my relationship with my dad.

Strengthening Families is a seven-week program that helps families build on their strengths and prepare for the exciting and challenging transition to adolescence and junior high. The program is designed to reinforce lines of communication and decision-making skills that are essential in preventing teen substance abuse and other behavior problems.

The program is an interesting and fun way for youth and their caregivers to:

  • Learn ways to show love and support
  • Discuss what makes your family strong
  • Solve problems together
  • Prepare for the teen years

Look for this program again beginning in October 2017.

For more information contact Cortland Prevention Resources at (607) 756-8970.