Adverse Childhood Experiences: Healing Is Possible

  When children experience abuse, neglect or loss it is considered an Adverse Childhood Experience or ACE. Developmentally, children just don’t have the capacity to handle these traumatic events which include: physical abuse, emotional neglect, domestic violence, loss of a … Continued

Ronnie’s Amazing Journey to Recovery

The road to recovery has many bumps, potholes and turns….sometimes complete U-turns….rarely a straight smooth path. But for Ronnie the road ends in a really good place. His place. Ronnie began experimenting with alcohol as a teenager. “I came from … Continued

New Law Helps Those Impacted by Opioid Addiction

Defendants who have been prescribed medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction under the care of a physician must now be allowed to continue that treatment while participating in drug court. This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation which provides that drug … Continued

New and Familiar Faces Join CD Team

Family Counseling Services is pleased to welcome two new members to our Chemical Dependency (CD) team…though one is a familiar face. Back in 2011, Deidre Plumley was finishing her degree at TC3 and decided to volunteer at Cortland Prevention Resources, … Continued

Hitchcock Takes on New Role

Family Counseling Services is pleased to announce that Emily Hitchcock has been promoted to Program Director for Chemical Dependency (CD) services at our Madison County site. Hitchcock joined FCS in 2012 and served as a Senior Counselor in the Cortland … Continued