Chittenango Town Hall Meeting Raises Awareness

  The Chittenango community is taking a proactive approach to educate parents, students and other community members about heroin and prescription opioid abuse. At a recent Town Hall Meeting, professionals from throughout the region, including staff from our FCS Oneida … Continued

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Healing Is Possible

  When children experience abuse, neglect or loss it is considered an Adverse Childhood Experience or ACE. Developmentally, children just don’t have the capacity to handle these traumatic events which include: physical abuse, emotional neglect, domestic violence, loss of a … Continued

Program Strengthens Family Relationships

There was laughter around the entire room as families worked together on their “family tree” projects. But these trees were even better…not just a list of family names. Each tree showed the characteristics of those people as well. Were they … Continued

Chelsea Moroski Takes the Helm at Cortland LGBT Resource Center

Her energy and enthusiasm are clearly apparent as Chelsea Moroski talks about her role as the new Coordinator for The Cortland LGBT Resource Center. “Working at the center has, so far, been everything that I had hoped it would be,” … Continued