Community Joins Together for Remembrance Walk

On Wednesday evening, nearly 200 people from the Cortland community gathered at Courthouse Park for a Remembrance Walk and multi-faith prayer to honor those lost in the Orlando tragedy and show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. The event was organized … Continued

A Cow of a Different Color

The LGBT Center staff, members of the LGBT spectrum, family members and allies waved to the crowd at the annual Cortland County Dairy Parade as they marched with “a COW of a different color” to celebrate the colorful range of … Continued

LGBT Youth Make a Difference

By Ethan Lewis, Program Assistant/Educator at the Cortland LGBT Resource Center – Oftentimes when we talk about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth we focus only on their risk factors. We know LGBT youth are more likely to face … Continued

Moravia Alliance Hosts LGBTQ Prom

        On May 20, The Moravia Alliance sponsored an LGBTQ prom that provided an opportunity for youth from the region to “be themselves.” Promoted as a “judge-free zone,” the event was a tremendous success. The following story … Continued

Volunteers Help Out Mother Nature

On April 24th of 2016, Cortland LGBT Resource Center and several other community groups gathered at Lime Hollow to celebrate Earth Day. And there is no better way to celebrate Mother Nature than to volunteer and give something back to … Continued