Mini Golf Under Black Lights? You Bet!!

Mini Golf CourseCompass Logo final croppedThe end of the semester party for our mentors and youth was a “glowing” success. All the kids and mentors in our Compass program enjoyed a mini golf outing complete with black lights, dinner and ice cream. More importantly, kids were actively engaged in something fun and positive, with adults who truly cared about them.

GolfersMany of the mentors and youth will continue their relationships in the months, sometimes years, ahead. For at-risk youth, the Compass mentoring program can help them find the solutions and support they need to resolve the problems they are facing.

Cortland Prevention Resources is able to provide prevention programs that strengthen families and help children thrive. If you would like to learn more about Compass or other programs offered through CPR please call (607) 756-8970 or visit the CPR website.

Cortland Prevention Resources is a division of Family Counseling Services.