Volunteers Help Out Mother Nature

13062343_996893767025849_8146506817068034334_nOn April 24th of 2016, Cortland LGBT Resource Center and several other community groups gathered at Lime Hollow to celebrate Earth Day. And there is no better way to celebrate Mother Nature than to volunteer and give something 13062533_996893883692504_7659998851553055608_nback to our community. In this case, we gathered as a community at Lime Hollow in order to clear paths, plant trees, and remove invasive species of plants. And boy did we break a sweat but it was worth it!

You may know that volunteering is good for our communities and good for the organizations we help out, but did you also know that volunteering can have a number of benefits to you? According to the organization Create the Good, volunteering can increase your self-confidence. It can be a wonderful opportunity to try something new and maybe even discover a talent you never knew you had!

Along with boosting your self-confidence, volunteering can be a great way to meet new people. Working alongside someone is a great way to get to know someone, strengthen existing friendships, and expose you to people who are passionate about the same things you’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter if it is your love of animals, your ability to plant and garden, or your passion for helping others there are others with the same interests!

Finally, volunteering is a way to make your mark on the world. People may live easier lives because of you. The world might be a cleaner place because of you. Or an animal may be a little happier and closer to finding a forever home because of you. It doesn’t matter where you choose to volunteer, your work will impact the world in a positive way.

So if this article has inspired you at all and you are interested in volunteering with the Cortland LGBT Resource Center contact Ethan Lewis at elewis@fcscortland.org or (607) 756-8970 ext 252.

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