11.10.17 It’s submitted!  What a whirlwind finish to get all the pieces together and submitted.  Thank you to everyone for all your input, feedback, and general support to help make this project possible. Really appreciate your efforts to get the Attestations and other documents turned in. Will keep you posted on any news we hear from the state.

11.8.17 Great meeting of partners!  Many thanks to all who were able to participate.  We really appreciate the input and feedback on the different aspects of the proposal, especially community need, mission and vision components.

11.7.17 Call/log in info for meeting on Wednesday, November 8 at 2:00pm. For those attending in person, it will be at the same location…Port Watson Mini Conference Center in Cortland. Dial into the conference:

  1) Dial-in Number: (712) 451-0425 – United States

   Access Code: 231912

   International Dial-in Numbers:

2) Join the online meeting:

   Online Meeting Link:

   Online Meeting ID: ctytler


At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the Access Code followed by the pound key. To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above and follow the prompts to join the meeting. For 24/7 customer service please call 844-844-1322.  Hope to see/hear you at the meeting!

11.6.17 LAST WEEK!  Please get your Attestations turned in and Board Resolutions as well for Network Partners. Everything is due on Friday and I’m assuming many of your organizations will be closed that day for the holiday. So please email them over to me or bring them to Wednesday’s meeting.

11.3.17 Can you believe that there are 23 different electronic health records systems being using among our BHCC partners according to the PPS. Guess variety is the spice of life! Still churning away on the application.  Please send responses to the questions listed below.

11.2.17 BHCC meeting confirmed for Wednesday, November 8 at 2:00pm.  Same location – Port Watson Mini Conference Center. Agenda as well as call-in and login info will be emailed in advance of the meeting.

11.1.17 We need your input for several sections of the application…see bullets 

  • NETWORK PROVIDERS ONLY – Please email me information about measures you are currently collecting and reporting on for clinical and fiscal purposes. Examples might include:  using PSYCKES info/reports, Medicaid utilization reports, risk stratification tools, clinical productivity reports, agency financial reports, compliance reports, billable visit reports.  FCS is working with Care Transitions Network to help us move toward Value Based Payments and we have clinical quality measures from that work.  Your organization may also be working with a consulting agency to do the same…if so tell me about it.
  • EVERYONE – We need to respond to the Clinical Integration question on the application. Please share current protocols, practices or service coordination efforts between you and other organizations.  Examples might include: Single Point of Access (SPOA) meetings, Community Services Board, PPS committees and subcommittees, housing consortiums, community coalitions, etc.  In Cortland we have the Coordinated Children’s’ Services Initiative….do you have something similar? Please let me know what groups are active in your county and how you work together to facilitate integrative care.

10.30.17 Please hold the afternoon of November 8 for a BHCC meeting. More details to follow.  Welcome to Fairview Recovery Services who have joined our gang. Agencies are doing a great job getting their Attestation paperwork turned in…many thanks to Catholic Charities of Cortland County, The Addiction Center of Broome County, Conifer Park, JM Murray, Rehabilitation Support Services and Catholic Charities of Chenango County!  Did I miss anyone?

10.27.17 – Attestation forms are rolling in! The state’s form is confusing some people so we wanted to clarify. If you are a Network Partner, you should fill in items 1, 1a and 3 and include the Board Resolution as well. Just put N/A for item 2 as that only applies to the agencies that will join us as Affiliate Partners.  If you are an Affiliate Partner, fill in item 2 and possibly item 3 if your agency provides Medicaid Managed Care services. Just put N/A in items 1 and 1a.  Welcome to our newest partners…Consumer Services of Madison County and the Cortland County Community Action Program!

10.26.17 – We continue working on all the documents required for the application.  Carol is reaching out to partner agencies to obtain information for the Excel Member Submission spreadsheet that must be submitted along with the application which includes your MMIS ID, Tax ID, counties served, services provided and for the Network partners- your current status with Value Based Payment arrangements.

10.25.17 – Have updated the sample board resolution to include the BHCC name to make it easier for you. PDF available here. Email Carol Tytler if you would prefer the MS Word version.  Welcome to Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services who have signed on as well!

10.24.17 – Don’t forget that we need your input on the Mission and Vision for that section of the application. Sample ideas from partner meeting available here.  Please email any ideas, changes, key words to include etc. as your input is very important!

10.23.17 – Welcome Catholic Charities of Chenango County!  Glad to have you as a partner in the SCBHCC!

10.20.17 – Brownie points to Beacon for being the first agency to get their Attestation and Board Resolution turned it! Follow-up from the meeting….here is the link to the state website for all the BHCC documents they have issued.    NYS BHCC Website