Over 150 Years of Experience!

Staff Award Group

Front: Betty Gloss, Kelley Brown, Laura Sawyer, Lisa Hoeschele, Diane Shafer, Mandy Stout. Back: Amy Lord, Jodi Barner Nageotte, Leslie Wilkins, Debbie Phenes, Debbie Ashendorf
To say we have some incredible staff would be an understatement. At our holiday party, we were happy to recognize so many individuals who have worked for the agency for five years or more. Collectively, they represent more than 150 years of experience! We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to Family Counseling Services and the talents they bring to our organization every day. Congratulations to all!
5-9 years
Leslie Wilkins
Laura Sawyer
Kelley Brown
Diane Schafer
Amanda Stout
Lisa Hoeschele
10-14 years
Debbie Ashendorf
Joellen Deiss
Amy Lord
Betty Gloss
Peter Morse Ackley
15-19 years
Debbie Phenes
Jodi Barner Nageotte
21 years!
Russ Hollier