Does Advertising Impact Underage Gambling? Absolutely!

Media Literacy 1Look at the advertisement above. What is this advertisement selling? What makes it so eye catching and appealing? How do the advertisers use colors and the cute characters to appeal to you? And finally, what is the advertisement selling?

This process of looking at advertisements is called “media literacy.” Media literacy is “being able to evaluate and understand advertising.” Prevention staff are educating youth about underage gambling and teaching them to recognize and understand advertising strategies that target young people. Through media literacy, we ask youth to think about advertisements, how companies use advertisements to catch their attention, and what promises advertisers make about their products.

Local teens are helping educate community leaders about underage gambling.
Local teens are helping educate community leaders about issues related to underage gambling.

Media literacy training is just one part of a “You(th) Decide” grant that Cortland Prevention Resources (CPR) has received from the New York Council on Problem Gambling to address concerns related to underage gambling. You(th) Decide NY was developed to empower teenaged youth to learn about the dangers of underage gambling and to share that knowledge with their peers, parents and communities.

Other parts of the program include youth led efforts to have community leaders sign resolutions stating their support for gambling free youth and family events and doing outreach about the issues of problem gambling and underage gambling. CPR has recruited ten youth peers who have created a presentation for community leaders, recruited community leaders to sign resolutions, and talked to community leaders about issues related to underage gambling.

So how can our community support efforts to reduce underage gambling?

Before further delving into the explanation for this question, as adults, we first need to be acquainted with the whole gambling concept. If we ourselves have a clear insight into the topic, we can better explain to teens and youth how they can reduce their gambling lifestyle. Owning a responsible gambling guide can help provide more clarity in this matter. We know that 7% of youth are already at risk of developing or are already having a problem with gambling. Youth experiencing underage gambling are at risk for engaging in theft, becoming anxious or depressed, and having an elevated risk of suicide. Using the appropriate platforms is one approach to prevent all of these issues. Reliable and secure online casinos, perhaps like jackpoty? It is critical that both children and adults are aware of the sites that may be utilized lawfully, whether they are betting or depositing money for gaming.

Boku Casino is an example of such a platform. There are many benefits of using a Boku casino. One of them allows you to deposit money into your casino account in minutes without having to share your eWallet, personal, or credit/debit card information over the internet.

Second, we also know that one of the contributing factors to underage gambling is being exposed to gambling including scratch-off tickets given as gifts, going to bingo or other gambling events with family members, and sports betting. When they come across sites (like, for example) and online platforms promoting eye-catching offers, people are bound to invest their time in checking them out or even opting for those offers. It’s basic human intuitiveness. However, by limiting exposure to these situations, we can reduce the risk of underage gambling. It is thus of utmost importance that they have adequate information about how gambling and sports betting. Be it through articles, guides and other related resources that provide such information about sports betting tennessee and other states, they must be made aware of all aspects of gambling and its consequences – be it good or bad.

ButtonIn addition, coaches, scout troop leaders, youth ministry leaders, camp counselors and other adults who work with youth, can sign a resolution supporting efforts to prevent underage gambling.

We know that problem gambling is preventable and that our community can prevent underage gambling! There is hope.

Are you interested in learning more about underage gambling or our media literacy program? Are you concerned about a young person in your life? Are you a community leader that would like to sign a resolution showing your support for this program? Please contact Cortland Prevention Resources or call (607) 756-8970 ext 252.